When David Copperfield was published, it was common, and usually preferred, for novels to include illustrations. This practice continued into the 20th century, which means that a number of different illustrators produced artwork for the story. This page houses a collection of illustrations from book scans and webpages. If you have a copy with interesting illustrations, please contribute to the gallery!

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Hablot Knight Browne, a.k.a Phiz
H.K. Browne, usually known as Phiz, created the original illustrations for David Copperfield when it was published in 1849-1850. The drawings came from etchings that were inked and printed in black and white; colored versions exist but these vary according to the person coloring them from the originals. Though Phiz' illustrations may not be as beautiful as some others, they are very important as Dickens personally influenced their creation. Emblems in the illustrations also provide hints as to themes intended by Dickens, as well as what is happening in the story. Michael Steig has written an excellent article on Phiz' DC illustrations.

Title Page Frontispiece Our Pew at Church I am hospitably received by Mr. Peggotty The Friendly Waiter and I My Musical Breakfast Steerforth and Mr Mell Changes at Home Mrs. Gummidge casts a damp on our Depature My magnificent order at the public-house  I make myself known to my Aunt The Momentous interview I return to the Doctor's after the party Somebody turns up  My first fall in life We arrive unexpectedly at Mr. Peggotty's fireside I make the acquaintance of Miss Mowcher Martha Uriah persists in hovering near us, at the dinner party I fall into captivity We are disturbed in our cookery  I find Mr. Barkis 'going out with the tide' Mr Peggotty and Mrs Steerforth My Aunt astonishes me Mr Wickfield and his partner wait upon my Aunt Mr Micawber delivers some valedictory remarks Traddles makes a figure in Parliament and I report him The Wanderer Traddles and I in confidence with the Misses Spenlow I am Married Our Housekeeping Mr Dick fulfills my Aunt's prediction The River Mr Peggotty's dream comes true  Restoration of mutual confidence between Mr and Mrs Micawber My child-wife's old companion I am the bearer of evil tidings The Emigrants  I am shown two interesting penitents  A Stranger calls to see me 

Harold Copping
Harold Copping illustrated a number of Dickens' works in the 1920s. His style is much more realistic than most of the Victorian illustrators, and his illustrations focus more on David as a child, and the important meetings that will affect the rest of his life.

David and Little Em'ly Peggotty and Little Em'ly Barkis Drives David to Yarmouth David and the Friendly Waiter Mr. Micawber Conducts David Home  David and Uriah Heep

Frank Reynolds
Like Copping, Frank Reynolds created his illustrations for David Copperfield in the 1920s. His stand apart from the rest for their realism, and their style which is more like portraiture than illustration.

Endpaper Mr. Micawber Title Page Title Page sketch Miss Betsey Trotwood I Observe Mr. Murdstone Little Em'ly and I The Friendly Waiter Mrs. Micawber and Family I Reach Canterbury Mr. Dick Answers a Qustion Mr. Dick and His Kite The Eldest Miss Larkins Steerforth Miss Mowcher I Fall Into Captivity Mr. Micawber in His Element Mr. Peggoty and Ham Agnes Uriah Heep The Wanderer Traddles and I Visit Mr. Micawber Mr. Peggotty

The following illustrations are by artists who only created a few illustrations for the novel, or whose names I don't know. If you recognize any of the uncredited illustrators let me know!

Mr. Micawber and David: Claud Lovat Fraser